We All Want The Same Thing

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Pablo Bosque is a doctor by profession and a widower by circumstance. Thousands of prayers after his wife’s death have left Pablo questioning his future and searching for direction. Faced with unforeseen loss of love and life Pablo knows only that he must remain a strong and nurturing father for his son, Julian.

Pablo takes Julian on an unplanned visit to his childhood home in Little Havana-Miami, Florida where he hopes to remember a different time. Their quest is lengthened when Pablo realizes he has lost his father to Alzheimer’s and his mother is unprepared to care for him.

Pablo rekindles with his childhood friend, Manny, owner of the cabaret where they often played as children. Manny introduces Pablo to a colorful array of artists and within the group he meets a young Brazilian dancer, Susannah, who is struggling with her uncle Nestor’s immigration status in the United States of America.

On the vibrant streets of Calle Ocho and within the puzzling community of Little Havana their life gets more complicated when Pablo has to decide how far he should get involved with Susannah and if it would entangle him in Nestor’s fight for his families’ freedom. Pablo’s involvement runs deeper than he expected and he rediscovers himself along the way.

This is a story of the many possibilities that surround us if we are able to recognize them, accept them and choose to participate in them. Pablo and Julian’s journey of discovery and courage becomes a window to see the possibilities in our own life- because after all, we all want the same thing.

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