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29 Jul
by: Rebeca Capote Published in Blog

It's truly just the beginning!  Hahaha!  After 30 days of non-stop campaigning we ate and rested.  We are officially in pre-production but before we jump into all that jive we just have to say: 

                                                   THANK YOUUUUUUUU! 

TO ALL THE AMAZING FAMILY, FRIENDS AND BELIEVERS THAT MADE THIS HAPPEN ALONG WITH US.  Arlene Tur for diving in with all her heart, passion and talent! The lovely and talented Ana Carolina Da Fonseca for being a part of this from the beginning.  My mother, Martha Gonzalez a Missionary Producer always supporting and helping the cause.  Arturo Rovirosa, my brother  whose talent always shines thru with anything he puts his hands on.  My father Carlos Gonzalez for pushing thru with us, my sister Vivianne and Arturo Bohorques for always believing!  My brother Carlos for always loving and believing! Chirris for your love, drive and strength to push thru!  Ralph & Lynn Avila for your support and also believing! Martha and Joel for your countless prayers! Mindy & Stephanie la familia siempre apoyando.  Terre Alvarez a passionate believer, thank you!  Miguel another true believer Full of film passion! Nelly Villa and Mando your spirit and faith is priceless! Beatriz Urgelles, Ivette Martin and Ivis Mateos for your friendship, support and talent. Angel Zamora, Glori Garces, Marie Tamayo for believing and sharing with all your heart.   Photo Off Set our fabulous printers! Thank you Kork for a fantastic cocktail party and our sponsor for making it happen.  All 169 of you, because of you we did it!  

We are the first feature film out of miami to be funded via Kickstarter (that's the next press release). :)  

It's TIME TO ROCK N ROLL .... pre production has already begun!   We will start ironing out many details starting by reviewing the amazing and talented actors/dancers that came out to cast last week and then host another casting with full readings, we will start securing the crew and locations and all the legal bits that go behind the scenes in black and white.   And much much more!  

We look forward to continue sharing this journey with you and invite you to always jump in where you can. 

Please make sure that you are connected with us on Facebook (weallwantthesamething) and twitter (@faithfilms).   We are constantly posting updates there as well. Although, the campaign has finished our communications via kickstarter will continue to build and keep you informed of our progress.  

We are forever grateful to all of you for joining us!   THANK YOUUUUUU!   GRAAAAAAACIAS!  

We love you!

Tony & Rebecca 

17 Jul
by: Rebeca Capote Published in Blog

Professional & Non-Professional Actors, Musicians, Daners, Magicians Are All Welcome!

Saturday: July 21st , 2012 11:OOAM-6:00PM

 ADDRESS: 139 NE 1st Street, Miami, FL 33132 Ste 617

CASTING: “We All Want The Same Thing”

FORMAT: Feature film to be shot in Little Havana- Miami, FL

MARKET: English Language, Latin focused feature film

THE STORY: This film tells the story that almost every immigrant has experienced in one way or another. A diverse Latin community who strives to protect a Brazilian family from being deported from the United States, which is at times suspenseful, humorous and inspiring. Through this community we experience a unique tale of love and loss and the struggle for freedom. All will take place in Miami, FL.

Cast: See below

We are currently looking to discover and recognize up and coming talent to fill roles of the ensemble cast and extras to represent the characters below. TALENT SELECTED WILL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO READ FOR ROLES IN AUGUST.


Pablo, (Age 30-35), Latin Descent, handsome. Doctor & father,

Abuelo (Age 70’s-80’s), Father of Pablo, Latin Decent, well groomed, proud grandfather

Roberto Nesta (Age 40’s-50’s), Latin decent, weathered, hardworking fisherman

Manny (Age 30-35) any ethnicity, he is a businessman. Owner his own cabaret.

Nestor (40-50’s) originally from Brazil, he’s a craftsman specializing in furniture design

Ricardo (30’s-40’s) any ethnicity, handsome works the door/security at Nestor’s cabaret.

John (50’s-65) African American, deeply spiritual and serene man, family friend.


Suzie: (Age 40’s-50’s): Latin or Brazil, Nestor’s wife, good nurturing mom.

Susannah (Age 20-26): Attractive, waitress, dance instructor, good figure

Mrs. Rodriguez: (Age 50-60’s): owns a unisex hair salon, looks good, and flirts

Lucy: (Age 20-25 Latin, Attractive, showgirl at cabaret, great figure

Abuela: (Age 60-70’s): Nurturing, caring, struggles with caring for her ailing husband.


Julian (Age 5-7): Boy, Good actor, charismatic, accompanies father on a life-changing journey.

Sam & Zoila (Age 6-12): Nestor & Suzie’s daughters.

Submissions: To be consider for film make sure you bring the


1-headshot with resume

email & contact number we can reach you


01 Jul
by: Rebeca Capote Published in Blog

So here we are July 1st, now on the 4th day of our campaign and we are overwhelming grateful to everyone that has participated in our project in one way or another.  We are so happy to be here doing what we are doing with all of you.  We are posting information on all possible media to keep you all  informed of everything that is happening.  

The next step is documenting all of these "happenings" so please check out our updates link on our Kickstarter campaign at: 


Next Mission:  Little Havana- Miami, FL for some street talk with the locals.  Cuban coffee, cigars and dominoe's. Anyone interested?  


28 Jun
by: Rebeca Capote Published in Blog

After months of preparation we are delighted to invite you to join us on our Kickstarter crowd funding campaign.  


 We are very excited to have you involved and will keep you updated as much as possible.  We will dive into pre-production and make sure we document it for you and share right here in blog with photos and video's.  

Please do write to us, connect thru facebook and twitter and share with your friends!  

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